My Approach

I believe counselling and psychotherapy promotes self-awareness, understanding of one-self, acceptance, self-love and growth. The aim is that the individual will develop compassion for the emotions that have developed as a result of the individual’s life experiences.

During the therapeutic process, my goal is to help you discover, learn from, face, and love parts of yourself that might be a little frightening, painful, or difficult. It is about taking responsibility for yourself and your reactions without feeling shame or guilt.

My goal is to help a diverse range of individuals and couples who may be facing a wide range of difficulties such as adjustment (adjusting to university, marriage, divorce, bereavements etc), trauma, mild depression or anxiety issues, struggles with their career or other life stage challenges or questions around relationships, gender identity and sexuality.

My approach varies depending on each specific person, because everyone is different. I believe we are complex creatures, with many feelings, thoughts, conflicts and wishes we may not be aware of. This also means that I believe healing happens in the context of the relationship people develop with their psychotherapist. Therapy is about you. It is probably one of the few places where you can be yourself, free from expectations put on you by others.

My favourite part of the job is being part of a process where someone rediscovers their abilities and strengths and start fulfilling their desires.

As a client you will work hand in hand with me, directing the therapeutic process, learning to recognise your own strengths and find your best coping strategies.

.My role as the Psychologist

To facilitate the process I have described above, I will:

  • provide a space where you will not be judged, but completely accepted, free to explore your issues and express your true self.
  • create a welcoming environment in which you can share your inner thoughts, knowing that our conversation is always completely confidential.
  • give you unconditional respect and acceptance, no matter who you are.
  • listen to you with compassion and understanding.
  • enter your inner realities side by side and try to understand your lived experience.
  • help you to contain and deal with your inner struggles.